Oct. 1st, 2013

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Canon: Original. Story has a pending title.

Basic Information:
Full Name: Zoe Garcia
Occupation: High School student. Works at a farmer's market part-time
Nationality: Filipino. Japanese resident.
Alignment: True Neutral.
Age: 17
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Blood Type: A positive
Birthdate: June 3

A rather strong-willed girl who recently moved to her aunt's house in Japan so her mother could get a better medical treatment in the big island. Struggling will all the recent changes in her life, she finds support in her younger cousins and her new friend Slevigne, an immigrant from the US who is also trying to adapt to this new environment. Not only her best friend, Slevigne's also Zoe's teammate in a local sanctioned unique weapon-based martial arts tournament. Zoe's strength relies in her years of training on Kali, taugh to her since childhood. If there's something she should learn, though, is not to poke her friend on her name issues.

Zoe is strong willed in her best and hardheaded in her worse, she counters it with a dubitative mind when it comes to decisions. She has a strong sense of duty towards her friends and the defenseless, and while easygoing she is not someone who likes to be trifled with. Her martial proficiency, despite her mother's first wishes, comes from her father though she doesn't like to talk about it much.


A natural athlete, Zoe's not only proficient in the art of Kali but also kickboxing and basically any track-and-field discipline.


Maja Salvador

Works Well With:

Regular settings with no over-the-top supernatural and high-technology.


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